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About Us

Rosies creates opportunities
to activate and employ
diverse abilities.TM

There are many ways to say what we do at ROSIES, but we distilled it down to a simple formula:

Learning to navigate the world of employment is challenging for many, and for the 74% of people with disabilities who are unemployed in Los Angeles County*, it can be even more daunting.

POP! provides intensive workplace training with ongoing softer and more natural skills guidance, led by the current ROSIES Crew training apprentices, for whom skills such as self-awareness, emotional regulation, and/or decision-making might be challenging at times. Which if we were all honest with ourselves is really EVERYONE!

Our model is built on the following principles:

  • Removing Obstacles: Provide on-the-job training through social enterprises created to generate jobs with a reasonable learning curve, so that ROSIES Crew is prepared to pursue their purpose.

  • Supporting Initiative: Provide the opportunity to take initiative using restorative practices in an actual job setting with ongoing feedback, modeling, and experiences designed to combat learned helplessness

  • Employing Solutionaries: Create opportunities for peer to peer collaborations and mentorship experiences to promote accountability, social, and professional growth.